About us

About El-Cat Inc.

EL-CAT Inc. is a New Jersey Corporation, in business since 1990.

EL-CAT Inc. is an importer and stocking distributor of Semiconductor and other Electronic Materials, such as monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers, 3-5 materials, piezoelectric materials, substrates for EPI deposition, EPI structures both on silicon and 3-5 materials. It imports primarily from manufacturers and research institutes in Eastern Europe. It sells to semiconductor, electronic and optoelectronic fabrication plants, to university and commercial research facilities, and to silicon wafer manufacturers in USA and abroad.

EL-CAT Inc. exports instruments, raw materials and packaging to its suppliers of electronic materials.

Why you should choose El-Cat Inc.?

EL-CAT Inc. is particularly effective when there is a need for short production runs requiring special handling by highly trained scientific personnel. Frequently it can supply electronic materials not otherwise available in USA. Whatever the electronic material, if we do not have it then likely we can find it or have it made.

Most materials come with Analysis and Quality Control Certification, and all are warranted by EL-CAT Inc.

We supply hard to find materials

The following are examples of hard to find electronic materials that we can supply:

  • Silicon wafers and ingots, 1"Ø, 2"Ø and up to 6"Ø
  • Wafers with flat orientation accuracy to within +/-0.1degree.
  • [110] orientation silicon ingots and wafers.
  • Magnetic Czochralski controlled oxygen silicon.
  • Wafer as thin as 60µm and as thick as 1,000µm.
  • 3-5 materials, including GaAs, GaP, GaSb, InAs, InP, InSb.
  • LiTaO3 and quartz SAW substrates.
  • NdGaO3 and Sapphire substrates for growth of GaN for Blue Lasers & LED's
  • EPI deposited on silicon wafers 2"Ø through 6"Ø.
  • EPI of Al/Ga/In & N/P/As on sapphire, GaAs and InP, including GaN on sapphire.
  • ZnCd(1-x)Tex wafers and MBE targets.
About El-Cat Europe

El-Cat Europe is a partner of El-Cat Inc. We supply Silicon Wafers and other Semiconductor Materials. We stock many wafers for immediate delivery. Also, we cooperate with manufacturers world-wide to produce custom wafers for clients’ special requirements.

El-Cat Europe exists 1 year. Together we serve customers with materials and expertise. Having locations in two continents we serve the customers faster than ever before, 24 hours a day.

About CSW

El-Cat is a partner of Custom Silicon Wafers (CSW).

CSW offers: CSW produces silicon wafers SEMI org. standards accordingly & SPECIALIZES in silicon wafers with:
  • Coring
  • Slicing
  • Grinding
  • Lapping
  • Etching
  • Single-Side Polishing (SSP)
  • Coplanar Double-Side Polishing (DSP)
  • Oxides Removing
  • Thinning
  • Touch (Cosmetic) Polishing
  • Cleaning, Inspection & Packaging
  • and no MOQ
  • Ultra Low TTV (<0.5µm, <1µm)
  • Low TTV (<2µm)
  • Ultra Low Bow/Warp (<5µm for 150mm)
  • Low Bow/Warp (<10µm for 150mm)
  • Extra-Thin (100µm and thinner)
  • Extra-Thick (1 to 12mm)
  • Common crystallographic orientations such as:
    • (100) (111)
  • Uncommon crystallographic orientations such as:
    • (110)
    • (211)
    • (433)
    • (510)
    • (511)
    • (911)
  • any offset to major directions (100) and (111)